Hearing Services in Canberra

Dr. Vass hearing clinic offers the best in professional, independent advice, we believe in a ‘patient – centred’ approach and all of our audiologists are university trained. We are proud to be a local Canberra independent clinic, having served the Canberra community for over 25 years’. Dr Vass is a leading specialist in the field of hearing and a trusted member of his profession. Being an independent specialist means that the patient and their needs come first.

"Hearing aids don't need to be a big deal"

“Hearing aids – no big deal”

Hearing Assessments
We offer diagnostic hearing assessments for adults and children (age 4+). Patients are tested in a sound proof room with all results immediately available and explained. We work closely with your GP or ENT doctor, offering professional, independent advice about your hearing.
Testing Equipment
We use only the latest diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment. All of our equipment is calibrated by qualified and independent certifiers so that you can be sure of the accuracy of our tests.
Hearing Aids
We offer professional advice about your hearing and advise whether a hearing aid might be of benefit. A 30-day trial of your new hearing aids is part of the service we provide and we offer on-going after care.
Office of Hearing Services (OHS)
We provide services to eligible Commonwealth Government clients. If you have a Pension Card or DVA white or gold card, we can help you to obtain services. Office of Hearing Services (OHS) clients may be eligible for free hearing aids under the program. Clients already in the program are welcome to transfer to The Dr Vass Hearing Clinic.

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Ask Dr. Vass a question

I’ve been told to put off getting hearing aids as long as possible. Is this right?

The advice is contrary to current research. The brain will “hard wire” to the hearing loss. When you finally do get hearing aids there is an acclimatisation which will need to occur to rewire the brain to the sounds from the hearing aid. Waiting years to get a hearing aid will also mean that the brain has less plasticity which affects your ability to adapt to the new sounds.

My friends have hearing aids that they don’t wear. Why?

Some people are not ready for hearing aids and are sold a hearing aid too soon. Getting the right advice about hearing and hearing aids might have saved them the expense of buying the wrong hearing aid. Also, people are often “sold” on the benefits of a hearing aid without being told of the limitations. This sets up unrealistic expectations.

Does it really matter where I go for hearing services?

There is no licensing in Australia for people who sell hearing aids or do hearing tests. Therefore, there is a wide range of skills and qualifications among people who provide services. Some large multinational companies sell hearing aids to the public via retail chains. These companies will likely sell you one brand of hearing aid which may exclude you from other hearing aids that could be more beneficial to you.

Are hearing aids expensive?

Hearing aids vary in price. The lower priced hearing aids are good but may not function as well as a more expensive hearing aid with background noise. We can discuss price vs. performance. If you need a hearing aid, then you will be given a choice of hearing aids and advice as to why a particular hearing aid is best for you.

The Dr Vass Hearing Clinic is locally and independently owned, providing you with unbiased advice. Dr Vass interviewed on the 7.30 Report click for transcript